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Posted on Dec 30, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Brazilian Waxing Tips for Newbies and Vets

Brazilian Waxing Tips for Newbies and Vets


So, you’re thinking about getting a Brazilian wax…

Like most people, you’ve probably been thinking about getting it done for a while. So here you are… you’ve graduated to the research phase. Searching for that special place because you’re certainly not going to just trust any old Brazilian Waxing person to have this done! You want the best possible experience and you have standards. Good…Your wait is over. You found us. To get the best possible results your first time out, (or any time out) here are some things to keep in mind.  


Length Matters


Your hair “down there” must be at least ¼ inch (about the length of a grain of rice) for the wax to successfully grasp the shaft and pull the hair out. For most people that will take about 2-3 weeks of growth, so be patient. If your hair has grown quiet long, you might think “Hmmm, I should probably trim this down before I get waxed.” Please Don’t! Most people who decide to trim end up cutting the hair too short and can not be waxed until the hair grows a bit longer.


Pill Popping


Most people want to know if they can take something beforehand… You bet! We recommend an Anti inflammatory (or two) about 45 min – an hour before your appointment. Do Not take aspirin or any other blood thinner as it can make your follicles more prone to spotting. Oh, and PLEASE disclose any substances, prescribed or otherwise, that you are taking. (we need to know and we don’t judge.)  




There are always layers of dead skin cells on our bodies. Those pesky dead skin cells love to build up around and on top of your hair follicles, making hair more resistant to being pulled out and causing some nasty ingrown hairs. Using a body scrub about 3x per week along with daily use of ingrown hair treatment products are recommended to remove the dead skin and keep the follicles open and healthy.  


Plan Ahead


Waxing for a special occasion is a great idea! Keep in mind most people have course hair “down there”, and all people have three different hair-growth cycles. What does that mean? Honestly, that means it typically takes a few months of waxing regularly (every 4 weeks) to attain that “completely clean” result everyone wants. Extremely course hair will be more resistant and may take even longer. Luckily, there are products that help.  




Nightly use of treatment products that contain salicylic acid like Tend Skin® actually help to make hair less resistant to waxing. Salicylic acid breaks down the bonds between dead skin cells. By washing away the dead cells caught in the follicle, the hair can be removed easier with less irritation to the skin.




Alright, we should probably talk about the elephant in the room… To get waxed, you’ll need to be somewhat exposed to the person waxing you. This can be an issue for someone contemplating waxing. Maybe we can ease your mind by telling you a bit about us. The Dynamic Duo of Aestheticians at Salon D’Shayn have nearly 35 years of waxing experience between them. (We kind of wrote the book on it.) They share the same devotion to empowering people through beauty and the philosophy that each flower is unique and beautiful in this wonderful garden of humanity. No really, we actually say that. We are great at what we do and we have dedicated our lives to taking care of others. It truly is who we are. You are in good hands.  


The Net Generation Gals


We have noticed a growing trend of ladies under the age of 18 wanting waxing services. This is a good thing. The younger you start waxing, the less body hair you’ll have to deal with when you get older. That being said, we do require parental consent. So, start wearing down Mom and Dad to bring you in for some waxing. Maybe start by showing them our website!  


Shave And A Haircut…


Actually, a shave IS a haircut. It is also a skin cut. Hopefully not cut all the way to the blood vessels, but the razor does cut into the epidermal layer. That can cause problems for many people. Irritation, itching, rash…some may even develop darker skin due to a thickening of the epidermis. If you normally shave, (I know it’s difficult) you’ll need to let your hair grow for at least 2 weeks, maybe longer, to be waxed properly. Waxing the hair will pull the hair out as opposed to cutting it off at the surface. The benefits are numerous. After waxing, hair typically won’t grow back for a couple weeks, only about 40% of your hair will start growing back, and the hairs that do come back are softer and thinner. With regular waxing folks who had darker areas find that their skin tones even out nicely. Also, with waxing… no itching! That’s right, no more embarrassing moments of trying to find somewhere to discreetly scratch yourself.


Self Tanning


If you are a self tanner, good for you! Way to stay out of the sun, but keep in mind that waxing will remove the top layer of pigment. To avoid having patches of your skin looking much lighter than the rest, it’s best to try to exfoliate as much of the self tanner off before you get waxed. Try using a good scrub daily for a few days prior to your appointment. Once your hair is removed, self tan to your heart’s content. FYI: waxing prior to a spray/self tan will prolong the effects of self tanner providing a smoother, more natural looking tan.


Why are we the Best?


At Salon D’ Shayn you will find two of the valley’s best Aestheticians, Courtenay Weitzel and Taylor Royer alongside the Queen of Brazilian Waxing for men and women, D’Lisa Shayn.  Whether you are a first time Brazilian Waxer or have been getting a Brazilian, Male Brazilian Waxing or just a bikini wax for a while, we guarantee you will have the best, least painful Brazilian waxing experience.  Voted “Best Place to Get Waxed” four years in a row and proudly bearing the coveted five-star Brazilian Waxing Salon rating on Yelp!, Salon D’ Shayn continues to be the best place for all of your waxing needs with two convenient locations: Old Town Scottsdale and Downtown Phoenix.


So relax . . . it only hurts for a minute.  😉

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