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Posted on Jan 27, 2015 in Hair Salon, Hair Trends | 0 comments

Ecaille, Tortoise Shell Hair Color Technique

For those trendsetters who are looking for the latest and greatest in hair color, look no further than “Ecallie”. This innovative new hair color trend resembles the look of tortoise shell! Yep, “Ecallie”… it is the French word for Shell of the Tortoise, and is pronounced (ekaj).

If you’ve been growing tired of your average balayage or ombre this is your new best friend. The golden highlights combined with darker, rich caramel tones that add dimension and warmth to hair. The look incorporates shades of honey, amber, golden blonde and dark brown paired with gloss. A few hotties you may know such as: Jessica Alba, Giselle Bundchen, Blake Lively and Khloe Kardashian have been sporting this beautiful new trend on their gorgeous locks.

Like a tortoise shell, Ecallie has many variations and degrees of colors blended together from very light amber and honey tones progressing up to a darker base with strategically placed golden strands. It’s a look that encapsulates variation and individuality. Your hairdresser can get very creative in crafting a unique version just for you… and we know they love that whole creative thing! UM yeah, just take my money!!!

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