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Posted on Apr 7, 2015 in Hair Salon, Hair Style, Hair Trends | 0 comments

Hair Trends vs Hair Health

Trendsetters Of The World, Here My Plea!

Have you noticed all the cool, colorful hair trends jumping off runways and into your salon? Pintrest, Facebook, and Instagram are flooded with beautiful pictures of hair models with bright, bold hair color.

Color techniques like Balayage, Ombre’, Pixel, and everything in between have become extremely popular color requests in the stylists chair. It’s wonderful to see so many people expressing their statement of creativity through hair color.   Super-creative hairstylists are loving every minute of this… well not every minute.

You see, everyone is different… hair models have a specific type of hair and they take extremely good care of their hair. Most of us don’t have that kind of hair. And honestly, for every great hair color you see on the internet, there are many hair colors that don’t turn out so perfectly and there are lots of different reasons why.
Many times a client’s hair will not lighten correctly. Many people come in with layers of various chemicals embedded in the history of their hair shaft. For a colorist, breaking through that chemical history is challenging and sometimes very frustrating. I mean, think about it… Your hair is their canvas. How is one expected to create a masterpiece when you have twenty layers of paint already stuck too the canvas. The canvas needs to be first treated and then restored to be able to create something beautiful.
We are not miracle workers, and our canvas is fragile and delicate, while our tools can be harsh. Often times we have to walk a fine line between the health of your hair and your ideal hair color.

I know we live in a world of immediate gratification, but when it comes to these specialized hair color trends, Trendsetters are going to have to be patient and understanding.

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