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Posted on Jul 28, 2015 in Eyelash Extensions, Waxing & Skincare | 0 comments

When and Where to get Eyelash Extensions

If the eyes are a mirror to the soul it’s no wonder we are constantly finding new ways to enhance them. While our eyelashes frame and contour our eyes, in reality, eyelashes help protect the ocular surface from dust and other foreign bodies from getting into the ocular surface. They are our primary line of defense for foreign bodies getting into the eye.

The longer and thicker someone’s eyelashes are, they naturally have a stronger defense against anything damaging their eyes. On some deep level this natural eye protection is seen as beautiful.

It is no wonder that we have found ways to lengthen and enhance our eyelashes. I’m speaking of course about eyelash extensions. This trend was introduced many years ago and only gained in popularity. There are now hundreds of different eyelash extension products on the market and probably thousands of practitioners in each state.

Sounds great right? Well it can be if you find the right person who uses the right products. However, in Arizona and many other states the regulation and education required for practitioners is sorely lacking.

Here in Arizona, in order to become an eyelash extension practitioner, one only needs a four hour training seminar. As someone who has been a licensed aesthetician for decades, I find this lack of regulation appalling, irresponsible, and even horrifying.

There are actually people working on client’s eyes with sometimes very caustic chemicals with no background in skincare, product chemistry, sanitation protocols, or even the knowledge of basic cellular and follicular structures.

You only need to search online “eyelash extension injuries” to see how big a problem this has become. Multiple articles, news stories, and photos emerge with what can happen when people trust their eyes to somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

It’s important to understand that when you go to a reputable salon such as ours, the practitioners are not only educated, and knowledgeable but also licensed. The professional product line may cost a bit more, but it is free of caustic chemicals including formaldehyde, the number one cause of severe skin reaction from eyelash extensions.

We are able to assess what size and length lashes would be best for your unique lash structure. We analyze your hair growth cycles and lash regeneration to make sure that we maintain the optimum health of your lashes. If we recommend lash removal for a time, the lash remover applied is of the highest caliber to prevent irritation to your skin or eye area.

We also carry Revitalash, a professional line of products designed to help regenerate and regrow your own natural lashes or eyebrows, which can be used before, during, and after having lash extensions.

When it comes to the mirrors of your soul, make sure you don’t trust your eyes to an amateur.


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