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Master Hair Stylist | Colorist | Nadine Rutherford

Since the tender age of five, Nadine set trends every time she picked up a pair of scissors. Neither Barbie, nor troll doll were safe from her up-and-coming looks. She even gave herself a fantastic mullet which was very ‘in’ in Europe at the time.

In 2009 she began her career as a bona fide and licensed cosmetologist and hasn’t looked back since. Now, Nadine prides herself in her ability to create desirable styles on her real-live human clientele. Continued education is a must in Nadine’s life and she uses various coloring and cutting techniques to customize looks for any hair type and length.

Nadine’s strongest skills include (but are not limited to) short women’s haircuts, men’s scissor and clipper cuts, the Balayage method and other ‘natural’ color techniques, blondes of any hue, lush redheads and brunettes, grey coverage, and color corrections. She also loves creating event updos and various types of extensions.


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