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7 Reasons You Should Get a Facial

  13.03.2017   Skincare

7 Reasons You Should Get a Facial There’s a wealth of information about skin care that’s readily available to us at the click of a mouse. That more than likely

Why Should You Get Facials

  25.09.2016   Spa Facials

The difference between paying thousands and thousands of dollars for injections or plastic surgery starts right now! Getting regular facials will fend off the need to resort to these options

Waxing Tips | Salon D’ Shayn on Your Life A to Z | AZ Family

  12.05.2016   Waxing & Skincare


Posh apartments going up on prime central Phoenix corner

  1.02.2016   Blog

Developer Lennar has started construction on The Muse at the northwest corner of Central Avenue and McDowell Road New upscale apartments and a coffee shop are going up on one

4 Ways We Age Our Skin

  13.01.2016   Blog

The No. 1 way you’re aging your skin? Not wearing sunscreen daily. “The sun is the primary cause of skin aging,” says Neil Sadick, MD, a New York City–based dermatologist.

Summer Hair in the Desert

Here in the Phoenix, The Valley of the Sun, where temperatures can climb to dangerous degrees, stylish desert dwellers have to bridge that gap between looking hot and being uncomfortably,

The Importance of Eyebrows and DIY Tips

  4.02.2015   Salon D' Shayn

  Do you have any idea how important eyebrows are? Social experiments have shown that most humans notice the eyes first when they initially encounter someone. Consider the eyebrow as

Shit Girls Say About Their Hair

  26.01.2015   Hair Salon, Salon D' Shayn

Ladies, this year, we invite you to ditch the hair drama . . . Sometimes less is more and the stylists at Salon D’ Shayn get that. When you are

The “It” Cut of 2015 – Wavy Bob

  20.01.2015   Salon D' Shayn

It Works On All Textures: Whether your hair is naturally wavy or straight as a pin, the style is flattering. And of course, we won’t leave out curly hair. With a sleek blow-dry, you can add soft waves back into the hair with a quick spritz of sea salt spray and by scrunching the product with your fingertips.

Thin Hair Hairstyle Hacks

  14.01.2015   Hair Salon, Hair Style

Everyone has to work with the hair they are given whether thick or thin, wavy/curly or straight, light or dark colored, and yes even it’s texture. Your genetic code is responsible for these traits just as they are responsible for giving you the unique eye color, shape and size you display for the world to see.