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Lydia is a talented, creative Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist with over 6 years of experience including bridal hair and makeup.  She produces creative, technically accurate visual representations; ensuring clientele, models, performers, and presenters have suitable make-up and hairstyles before they appear in front of cameras or an audience.

I have a passion for helping people build confidence by feeling good about themselves both inside and out. I have a strong desire to constantly learn and enjoy connecting to build lasting relationships with people.


Beauty has always been an inspiration in my life.  I get inspired by being around and working with other creative people in all areas of art. I feel my talents grow and creativity strengthens when I’m around other artistic minds.

Lydia is featured RAW artist and loves bringing artistic and creative talents from all industries together to connect, get exposure and showcase work.  She loves creating a supportive culture for people in the industry to work together.


Music and dancing are my therapy. I love attending music festivals all over the country and hope to travel to other countries for them as well. Its a great feeling of one love.

My website: Signature Artists

Instagram: Signature Artists Insta